Increase in global travel has been a largely contributing factor to the widespread nature of bed bugs. Here's a list of tips to keep in mind while traveling.


Don’t be blinded by the bliss of traveling, performing a visual inspection of your hotel room upon arrival is absolutely vital and can be completed by:

  • Pulling up the sheet and searching the seams for bed bugs, shell casings or fecal matter.
  • Checking under the mattress tags, where bed bugs can hide.
  • Examining the walls near the bed, headboard and nightstand as well as the nearby furniture. Bed bugs can hide under lamp bases and other items on the nightstand.

Though there still remains a chance that they could be lurking, following these steps will certainly decrease the likelihood of running into them.


Always, always, always use the luggage rack provided by the hotel and ask for an extra one if you have additional guests with bags.


Place a Luggage Liner in your suitcase before you start filling it with those sandals and bikinis to create a bed bug proof layer between your contents and anything your travels will have you encountering.


Try at all costs to prevent luggage from running into carpet or bed linens since bed bugs and their eggs are often found on fabric. The smartest place to keep your luggage is actually the bathroom since it’s full of hard and slippery surfaces.


Wash and dry your laundry and cloth or canvas bags or consider using a PackTite heating chamber as soon as you arrive home For larger sized hard luggage, use a steam cleaner and pay special note to the seams and crevices. It also might be a good idea to vacuum your bags as well.