Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures that come out at night and bite you while you are sleeping. Here are some tips to help your sleep stay bed bug free.


To protect your bedding, you should place your mattress, box spring and pillow in bed bug-proof encasements. These work by creating an impenetrable layer between you and your bed, protecting you safely from not just bed bugs, but other allergens that may be in the air.


Isn’t it a wonderful feeling, falling into a bed with freshly washed sheets? So pay your mattress the same respect by vowing to inspect your bed and bedding each and every time you change those linens, searching for signs of bed bugs like dark spots or live actual bugs.


It may look great on the street, but that abandoned couch would probably bring you much more than you bargained for, in the form of unwanted houseguests. Also, according to a new NYC law, discarded mattresses must now be encased in large plastic bags. The days of NYC furniture recycling are quickly becoming a trend of the past, with bed bugs so recently on the rise. Avoid contact with these used or discarded items, even if direct signs of bed bugs are not immediately visible.