As New Yorkers, we all know good and well just how stressful moving can be. Add bed bugs into the mix and it's enough to drive anyone crazy. Here's some advice on ways to avoid this possibility.


Ask and you shall receive — ask your new landlord for a written history of any bed bug-related details about your new location. In some states, there are now laws requiring landlords to disclose this information to you, dating back to a certain point.


See what you’re getting yourself (and your stuff!) into by inspecting the interior of your moving truck, regardless of whether it’s a rental or if it belongs to a moving company. Look for overt signs of bed bugs like the actual bugs or shell casings.


Check the Bed Bug Registry and the NYC Department of Buildings web sites for recent bed bug complaints or violations at your future residence.


Choose wisely and select a moving company that is well versed in their bed bug prevention techniques, with a specific protocol in place to protect both your stuff and their trucks.