Bed bugs aren't just restricted to living in beds - they can live in your clothing too! Here are ways to keep bed bugs out of your wardrobe.


Load ’em up — fill your washing machine and wash your wardrobe on a HOT WATER CYCLE to kill all stages of bed bugs. Make sure the thermometer reaches or exceeds 130 degrees Fahrenheit.


Drying your clothes in a dryer on HIGH HEAT for 20 minutes is a quick way to kill all stages of bed bugs (from nymph to mature). Make sure your dryer is at least at 120 degrees Fahrenheit.


Use bed bug proof Laundry Bags to keep your items safe from invasions (don’t worry, they’re washable).


Hand-wash sensitive clothing. For really delicate items, allow them to soak in warm water with plenty of laundry detergent for several hours and then wash regularly to remove the bed bugs.


Once clothing has been treated, you’re going to have to store it in airtight plastic bins or sealable bags. After a home has been treated, it’s also safe to hang clothing on smooth metal poles, since bed bugs aren’t able to climb on smooth surfaces.


Use laundry bags (either dissolvable or washable/reusable) so that your items are safe in transit while making their way into the laundry room. These bags are also excellent for traveling and shared laundry facilities.


Come clean and disclose to your dry cleaner or laundering company if your clothing has been exposed to bed bugs so that they can make the right decisions to keep their clients safe.